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Efficiency to silence
  A-Type B-Type C-Type D-Type E-Type F-Type
Quantity to be attenuated 25dB(A) 30dB(A) 35dB(A) 40dB(A) 45dB(A) 50dB(A)
Contact TEL +81-42-556-8641( Person in charge of, Mr.Niimura )
「when you inquiry please advise us the followings.」

1.Main items of engine: Name of maker, type, use, quantity of exhaust, output, numbers of revolution
2.Use for designing=Quantity to exhaust ・ Temperature of exhaust ・ permissible resistance
  The diameter of exhausting
3.Silence=Original sound of exhausting ・ Frequency feature of attenuated quantity dB(A)


Since we will cope with your requirement to change the size and the shape of no-standard one and so on, please don't hesitate to contact us.